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   We've turned our love of computers into a business. Because the IT market grows so rapidly and is always evolving, we constantly strive to improve and stay up to date with the latest trends and information.  We are not just a couple of kids who took a few computer classes.

   Bill cut his teeth on computer systems as the Asst Project Manager at an Army Military Police station to design and install the NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and VCIN (Virginia Criminal Information Network) with the Motorola INTRAC police mapping and data center.  Then as the head of security for a major Pittsburgh corporation, he had all the analog (telephone) alarm systems converted to computerized digital systems for Fire and Security alarms using a Motorola Unix System with a DOS based Card Access System that was later upgraded to Windows based systems.  Then all security and fire department files were computerized, and networked.  Also trained in Computer Forensics, that knowledge is used to help customers retrieve lost or deleted files.

   Kelly holds a Applied Science degree as a Computer Support Specialist, and is working on her Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and she has five solid years of direct, hands-on experience.


IN BUSINESS SINCE 1994!  Over TWENTY YEARS ago, we started out as M&B Computers, then Digital Bytes (computer gaming center) and Bits 'n Bytes (Internet Cafe). Ultimately, we settled on focusing only on computer sales, service & repair and opened as Digital Technologies, LLC. 


With the experience and expertise Digital Technologies has to offer, you can be assured that you'll always find the latest technology and reliable advice.  We've partnered with Microsoft ®Seagate, and others to provide experienced, quality products and workmanship.



We are unhesitatingly patriotic with a profound, absolute respect for the U.S. Constitution.  We also have respect for our police, fire fighters and military members of all branches, and of course, our Veterans.


We stand for our National Anthem, salute our Flag and we kneel for the fallen.


We also support immigration - LEGAL immigration and respect and admire all immigrants for their God-given talents, and contributtions to OUR country (their's AND our's - it's what makes us ALL AMERICANS).


Finally, as certified NRA Range Safey Officers, we of course respect the right of every, law-abiding citizen to be armed, and welcome those who lawfully carry.



My own "Ten Most Wanted!" 


My first,  "most wanted," and probably the only human I'd want to actually shoot on sight.  This no good piece of human garbage is perhaps laughing more at American stupidity than any other left-wing, pro-Communist on the planet.  Despite her HIGH TREASON, American idiots have made her a millionaire several times over.  Heaven help me if she were to EVER visit Butler ... I'd have to leave town to keep from ending up in jail.



Number 2:  Our former Secretary of State, John Traitor Kerry!

Kerry was a co-founder of Vietnam Veterans Against the War - a group of turncoat reprobates.  This idiot testified before the Senate, wearing fatigues and an assortment of military ribbons.  *NO ONE wears military ribbons on fatigues (except 3rd world turds)!

Probably more than anyone, he is why those returning home from Vietnam were called "baby killers." He testified that he saw wholesale slaughters of civilians by his fellow Americans. On the other hand, he bragged up his Vietnam service tour ... yeah, all 4 MONTHS of it.  

Today? His picture is in the Communist Vietnam war heroes monument, along with Jane Fonda's!  Yes, he is considered a hero by TODAY's Communist Vietnam!

John McCain ... he was NO heroic POW.  In fact, he was despised by his fellow POW's and upon their release, many wanted him Court Martialed for collaboration with the enemy!

As a Senator, he has done a LOT to ensure that our MIA/POW's who were left behind, were all but forgotten!  


Click photo for link to AUDIO recording of McCain during his captivity BETRARYING his Oath and his fellow POW's.


This guy was no hero!





The next on the "Ten Most Wanted," is the idiot who claimed to be an experienced combat veteran of the Vietnam War.  REALLY Al?  As a prominent politiican's son, he had Military Police BODYGUARDS, and was kept as far away from any action as possible!


Meet our hero, Mr. Al Gore ... or would that be Algore?  


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Thank you to all those who participated in our cards for our recovering service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center! Special thanks to the members of Summit Township Sportsman's Club, and the Butler Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)!!

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If your holidays are that ramadamn crap, you guys can go hug the goats & camels.  If that offends anyone, I'll roast you a pig, or make you a bacon sandwich.

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