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Getting professional, comprehensive advice is an absolute necessity when it comes to choosing a computer. That's why we undergo continuous advanced education and training courses, and are always ready to offer you the best advice.  


We do not make "house calls," or provide on-site service calls.  WHY?

To repair a computer properly, especially a poor performing computer, it cannot be done on-site.  Yes, if it's a simple PART like a network card to let you connect to the Internet, that would fix it ... but why pay anyone a service call fee?  Network cards are typically $20 or less, and in shop installation, for 99% of the computers, is done at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  If someone says they'll come to you, put in a network card for only $20 total, you can be certain you're getting a JUNK, or "grey maarket" part ... or a USED part bought at a flea market.


Infected computers?  There is NO way ... zilch, zero, NONE ... just no way an infected computer can be PROPERLY cleaned, and optimized in a quick house visit ...even in an hour?  Our reputation for computer repairs has been exceptional ... and how/why is that?  Because we spend up to 6 hours on EACH computer.  In your home, or business, we can only work on YOUR computer; in our shot, we can do up to EIGHT desktops at one time, plus up to FOUR notebooks at the same time.  So, because we do them "in volume," we can charge a LOT less than those "big box" stores, and EFFECTIVELY because of our equipment, we have a lot of happy customers. 


Think of it this way - you are NOT paying for a fleet of vehicles, all that vehicle BUSINESS insurance, or the fuel and maintenance costs.  They can't do it cheaper, and IF they could ... how much is going to their vehicles, insurance and fuel, and how much is going to actually service YOUR computer?

Pricing - COMPARE WITH Big Box stores!


  • $35 is our minimum Diagnostics Fee, but is ONLY charged if no repairs are done. If repairs are authorized, and worth doing, this fee APPPLIES to repairs, excluding parts.
  • $20 EXTENDED Diagnostics - external Hard Drive Scans, including but not limited to drive manufacturer tools, or other third-party diagnostic tools. 

Clean & optimize

  • Win 7 Desktops............................. $ 95 to $115
  • Win 7 Notebooks........................... $120
  • Windows 8.1 Desktops..................$120 to $150
  • Windows 8.1 Notebooks................$150
  • Windows 10 (ALL)..........................$120
  • ALL NETBOOKS........................... $150
  • Win XP & VISTA * Computers....... $150 * (see footnote, below)
    • Windows 8.1 UPDATE add .$ 45
    • Data Retrieval........................$ 35 to $50
    • Advanced Data Retrieval.......$ 45/hr (capped at $135/or 3 hours MAX charge)
    • Notebook Screen Replacement - Labor: $35 to $45
    •                              (Screen prices vary; typically $80.)
  • Software Install - Basic: $10; Advanced $20 (for large installation requirig set-up.)

Other pricing posted in-store. The above are usually maximum prices. No higher without the CUSTOMER's approval.

We do NOT "stack" prices, and quote the price up front.  Additional work, if any, upon customer approval ONLY.

* NOTE!  Windows XP and VISTA are no longer supported by Microsoft.  Honestly, they are NOT WORTH repairing!

We also replace & install notebook keybaords, fans, etc.  Up front pricing!

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Thank you to all those who participated in our cards for our recovering service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center! Special thanks to the members of Summit Township Sportsman's Club, and the Butler Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)!!

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